California Personal Injury Lawyers

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Choosing the right California personal injury lawyer is not an easy task. There are thousands of attorneys in The Golden State serving over 39,000,000 people that live here. We can help you find the right attorney to help you in your particular situation. Let’s cover some common questions people have about hiring an attorney.

How do I choose the right lawyer?

Look at their past results for an indicator of what they have been able to recover for past clients. While every case is different, if they have been able to recover large settlements and verdicts that is usually a sign that they have been successful in the past.

Are there California attorneys that will make home and hospital visits?

Yes, we know many attorneys who will come to you no matter where you are in the state of California. There is no fee for the lawyer to visit you, if they feel you have a good case then many attorneys will come to you no matter where you are in the state.

Should I hire an attorney before talking to the insurance company?

Maybe. You should at least talk to an attorney first and get their opinion. If you don’t have a good case or you are better off handling on your own, honest attorneys (yes, they do actually exist) will tell you so. It is dangerous talking to the insurance company because they are trained to ask you questions that can reduce the value of your claim. Some of the best personal injury attorneys in California that we know of have former insurance company adjustors working for them so they know exactly what to expect and how to negotiate with them in order to get the most money for your accident.

How much is my case worth?

This is a question everyone wants to know but the truth is every case is different. The more serious the injuries and costs associated with the accident, the more a case is worth. Factors like medical bills and healthcare costs, how much time was missed from work, how much income is the injured party losing by not being able to work, is it a permanent injury, etc. To get an idea, you need to have a conversation with a lawyer about your specific situation.

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Insurance Companies

If you have been involved in an accident and suffered an injury, do not give a recorded statement to any representative from the insurance companies listed below unless you have an attorney who can help. Most insurance companies will not give you fair value for your claim, no matter how friendly they appear to be. If your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company is one of the ones listed below, contact us for a free consultation. The last thing you need at a time like this is medical bills piling up from the accident and the insurance company not giving you enough money to pay those bills. Not to mention future medical bills, chiropractor bills, physical therapy, loss of income from inability to work. The right attorney will make sure you get fair and just compensation for your accident.

21ST Century Casualty Company
21ST Century Insurance Company
Access Insurance Company
Affirmative Insurance Company
AFH Insurance Company
AIU Insurance Company
Alliance United Insurance Company
Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Company
AllState Indemnity Company
AllState Insurance Company
AllState Property and Casualty Insurance Company
AMCO Insurance Company
American Economy Insurance Company
American Home Assurance Company
American Modern Insurance Company
American Sentinel Insurance Company
American States Insurance Company
American States Insurance Company of Texas
American States P Insurance Company
Americas Insurance Company
Amica Mutual Insurance Company
Anchor General Insurance Company
Bankers Standard Insurance Company
Balboa Insurance Company
California Automobile Insurance Company
California Capital Insurance Company
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange (The)
CastlePoint National Insurance Company
Century-National Insurance Company
Civil Service Employees Insurance Company
Coast National Insurance Company
Commerce West Insurance Company
Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Company
Cornerstone National Insurance Company
CSAA General Insurance Company
CSE Safeguard Insurance Company
Danielson Insurance Company
Danielson National Insurance Company
DeerBrook Insurance Company
Depositors Insurance Company
Eagle West Insurance Company
Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company
Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Encompass Insurance Company
Everest National Insurance Company
Explorer Insurance Company
Farmers Insurance Exchange
Federal Insurance Company
Fidelity National Insurance Company
Financial Indemnity Company
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company
First National Insurance Company of America
GEICO Casualty Company
GEICO General Insurance Company
GEICO Indemnity Company
General Insurance Company of America
Glens Falls Insurance Company (The)
Government Employees Insurance Company
Guideone Mutual Insurance Company
Guideone Specialty Mutual Insurance Company
Hartford Casualty Insurance Company
Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company
Horace Mann Insurance Company
Horace Mann Property & Casualty Insurance Company
Hudson Insurance Company
IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company
Imperium Insurance Company
Infinity Insurance Company
Integon Preferred Insurance Company
InterInsurance Exchange of The Automobile Club
Ironshore Indemnity Inc.
Kemper Independence Insurance Company
Loya Casualty Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Mapfre Insurance Company
Markel American Insurance Company
Maryland Casualty Company
Mendota Insurance Company
Mercury Insurance Company
Merastar Insurance Company
Meritplan Insurance Company
Metropolitan Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Company
MGA Insurance Company
MIC General Insurance Corporation
Mid-Century Insurance Company
National American Insurance Company of California
National General Insurance Company
National Interstate Insurance Company
Nations Insurance Company
Nationwide Insurance Company of America
NorthBrook Indemnity Company
Northern Insurance Company of New York
Occidental Fire & Casualty Insurance Company
Ocean Harbor Casualty Ins. Company
Oregon Mutual Insurance Company
Pacific Indemnity Company
Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company
Pacific Property and Casualty Company
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company


Below are some of the most common questions asked by people looking to hire a California personal injury lawyer.


How much do California personal injury lawyers charge?

Personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay them any fees for their services unless they are able to successfully recover money on your behalf. These fees typically range between 33%-40%. If a case goes to trial, the percentages are typically on the higher range. Cases that are able to be settled without going to trial are most commonly billed at 33%.

Why hire an attorney at all to settle my claim?

Many people think they will handle trying to get a settlement from the insurance company without the help of an accident attorney. If you were in an accident and no injuries were sustained, yes, handle this without the help of an attorney. However, if you suffered an injury, it’s smart to get help from a highly experienced personal injury lawyer who can help negotiate maximum settlement for you. The insurance companies would love to deal with you instead of an attorney because they know consumers don’t know how to “work up the value” of a case. A really good lawyer knows how to maximize the settlement money you receive from your insurance company and will not let you get taken advantage of. Unfortunately, this happens all the time in California.

How long will it take till I get paid?

Another common question people ask when they have a personal injury claim is “How long will it take for me to get paid?”. The answer is different for every person, as every case is unique. If you had an accident, were injured, are now completely healed and you have no more medical bills or other related costs, your case should resolve faster than a situation where you don’t know how much longer you will have to receive medical treatment or physical therapy, etc. Of course, there is also the side of the insurance company and whether or not they are offering a fair settlement, or trying to get you to accept a settlement offer that is less than what your case is actually worth. Situations like this can drag a car accident claim on for a lot longer than it should. However, if the insurance company knows the reputation of the attorney that is representing you, that also will play a part. Not only in how fast the case resolves, but how much you actually get.